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Our Research

Infectious Diseases - What Are We Doing?

The study of bacterial pathogenesis has changed dramatically in recent years due to revolutionary technological developments and availability of advanced molecular and cellular tools for investigation of the pathogen-host interface. The RCID brings together established and emerging researchers with synergistic skills that is rapidly accelerating basic research into bacterial infectious disease pathogenesis. This knowledge is also enabling us to translate basic discoveries into improved health outcomes. We are achieving this by focusing our research efforts in three specific areas:

The Major Research Foci

  • Basic bacterial pathogenesis and target discovery
  • Vaccine development
  • Novel anti-infectives and therapeutics

For information on individual RCID research projects, refer to the member laboratories.

Member Laboratories

Bacterial Pathogenesis Laboratory Prof James Paton
Chemical Biology of Bacterial Pathogens Laboratory Assoc Prof Christopher McDevitt
Hepatitis C Virus Pathogenesis Laboratory Assoc Prof Michael Beard
Invasive Bacterial Pathogens Laboratory Assoc Prof Renato Morona
Malaria Parasite Research Laboratory Dr Danny Wilson
Vaccine Research Laboratory Dr Mohammed Alsharifi
Stress Response in Pathogenic Bacteria Laboratory Dr Stephen Kidd

Research Successes

More detailed information about RCID projects and outcomes is forthcoming.


Research Centre for Infectious Diseases

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