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Adelaide Proteomics Centre

The University of Adelaide Australia

The Adelaide Proteomics Centre (APC) at the University of Adelaide was established with support from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.
In 2010 the National Centre for Tissue Imaging Mass Spectrometry was established with the financial help of Bioplatforms Australia.

Proteomics Services

Our expert team runs a state-of-the-art Proteomics facility with a large range of established techniques for identifying proteins, quantifying changes in protein expression levels, and characterizing post-translational modifications. Thus, we can offer standard and custom services for proteomics, and high throughput screening and quality control of small molecules to researchers and industry [more information].

Research and Study

Our research is focused on the analysis of various diseases such as cancer, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. For this, we analyse the proteomic differences between healthy and diseased state but also between samples having different clinical endpoints, such as disease progression or treatment efficacy. Identifying the proteomic changes occurring in the course of a disease leads to a better understanding of the disease and ultimately helps finding new ways to treat it efficiently [more information].

Interested undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art proteomic techniques during lab placements, honour's projects, or PhD projects [more information].


Extramural Supporters