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Bacterial Pathogenesis Laboratory

Head: Prof. James Paton

In spite of the availability of antibiotics for over fifty years, bacterial infectious diseases continue to kill more people than any other disease group.

New pathogens are emerging; old ones are returning, but this time with resistance to multiple classes of antimicrobial drugs. Current research activities in the Bacterial Pathogenesis Laboratory span a broad continuum from basic research into the fundamental mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis and the identification and characterization of virulence genes, to the development of improved vaccines and therapeutic strategies. Such studies are fundamental to the effective global management of these infections in the 21st century.

Current research projects are focused on pathogenesis and prevention of pneumococcal disease, and Shiga toxigenic E. coli infections, biology of bacterial AB5 toxins, as well as development of novel therapeutic agents based on receptor mimic technology. Details of these projects can be seen by clicking the Current Research Projects tab at the left of this screen.

The Bacterial Pathogenesis Laboratory lies at the core of the Research Centre for Infectious Diseases, and is currently supported by NHMRC Program and Project Grants, ARC Discovery and Linkage Grants, and major Category 1 Fellowships from NHMRC and ARC.


Bacterial Pathogenesis Laboratory

North Terrace Campus
Level 4, Molecular Life Sciences
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005


James Paton
T: +61 8 8313 5929
F: +61 8 8313 3262