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Regulation of Capsule Polysaccharides

The capsule polysaccharide (CPS) produced by Streptococcus pneumonia and Staphylococcus aureus is a key virulence factor that confers resistance to phagocytosis, and impacts on colonisation, systemic invasion and growth. The production and cell wall ligation of CPS in nearly all S. pneumonia serotypes is dependent on the four proteins (CpsA, CpsB, CpsC, CpsD), and the overall the biosynthesis of the CPS repeat unit mechanism has much in common with lipopolysaccharide O antigen biosynthesis. The biosynthesis and regulation of CPS production, and the properties of CpsC, CpsB, and CpsD are being investigated in collaboration with Dr Alistair Standish.

The CpsB, CpsB, CpsD proteins interact in a cycle of autophosphorylation (mediated by CpsC interacting with CpsD, a protein tyrosine kinase) and de-phoshorylation (mediated by CpsB, a protein tyrosine kinase), as reviewed by Standish et al (2012b). These proteins are targets for development of drugs that prevent infection through inhibition of CPS production, as shown for CpsB by Standish et al (2012a).

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