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Postgraduate Research Projects Currently Available

The Genome Organisation, Epigenetics and Sex Determination laboratory is interested in enquiries from any potential PhD applicants for projects in research areas described on these pages. The list below describes very briefly the general areas we are working on. Most of the listed projects have more detailed descriptions under  Current Research Projects.

If you are interested in any of these areas please contact Frank Grutzner for more details.

  • Identification of New Mammalian Sex Determination Genes

    We use the platypus Y chromosomes as a candidate region to isolate new mammalian sex determination genes. We then study the function of these genes in monotremes, mouse and humans.

  • Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation in Monotremes

    How do monotremes cope with ten sex chromosomes at meiosis? We investigate how the ten sex chromosomes are organised during meiosis and if they undergo meiotic silencing as in other mammals.

  • X Chromosome Inactivation in Monotreme

    We investigate if the five pairs of X chromosomes in females are inactivated. We look at replication, codensation, epigenetic changes and genome organisation of the five pairs of X chromosomes in female cells.

  • Reproductive Biology of Free Ranging Echidnas

    We combine field observations (using radiotracking) and molecular genetic methods to investigate ecology and reproductive biology of the echidna population at Monarto Zoo.

  • Inflammatory Pathway in Platypus

    We investigate the molecular pathways of infammatory response in platypus. A direct application of this is to develop an in-vitro test to measure infammatory response e.g. against mucor disease an potentially lethal fungal infection in platypus.

  • Epigenetics of Bovine Hybrids

    We investigate changes in genome organisation and epigenetic make up in hybrids of different cattle breeds. These changes could be contributing to the specific phenotypes observed in these hybrids.

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