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Global Change Ecology

The Global Change Ecology group underpins the Climate and Ecology program within the Environment Institute.

Environment Institute LogoThe Global Ecology Lab (GEL) and Invasion Ecology Group (IEG) are world-class centres for conservation biology and global-change science, attracting many outstanding postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. With a focus on high quality outputs and sustained productivity, these two labs have forged an international reputation in quantitative and computation ecology, climate-change impacts on biodiversity, and invasive species. Both labs work at the cutting-edge of providing stakeholders with usable tools for decision-making when confronted with complex options and scenarios, and provides evidence-based evaluations of cost- and resource-effective ways to tackle conservation and natural-resource management.

There are a range of opportunities available for Ph.D., Masters and Honours students for specific on-going research projects with existing funding. General inquiries for projects on topics of a student's own choosing, on research problems in human induced and climate change impacts on biodiversity, paleoecology, extinction modelling, biological invasions and energy generation systems (nuclear and renewable policy and modelling) are also welcome.

For information about current research activities please view the Climate and Ecology website.
Damien Fordham Damien Fordham
Senior Researcher and ARC Super Science Fellow in the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. His research interests include conservation biology, ecological modelling, climate science and invasive species biology. Delivering tools to improve forecasts of species range dynamics under global change


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