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A selection from over 130 publications

  • Ping Guan, Arthur H. M. Burghes, Anne Cunningham, Paul Lira, William H. Brissette, Kuldeep Neote and Shaun R. McColl.  Cloning, characterisation and genomic organisation of the novel human CC chemokine MIP-4 gene.  Genomics, 56: 296-302, 1999.
  • Paul H. Naccache, Sylvain Levasseur, Guy Lachance, Sumone Chakravarti, Sylvain G.  Bourgoin and Shaun R. McColl.  Stimulation of human neutrophils by chemotactic factors is associated with the activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase gamma. J. Biol. Chem. 275:23636-41, 2000.
  • Robin T. Nelson, Ranjeny Thomas and Kuldeep S. Neote and Shaun R. McColl.  Genomic organisation of the novel human CC chemokine macrophage inflammatory protein-3a.  Genomics, 73:28-37, 2001.
  • Shaun R. McColl, and Ian Clark-Lewis. Inhibition of neutrophil recruitment by CXC chemokine receptor antagonists.  J. Immunol., 163:2829-2835, 1999.
  • Shaun R. McColl and David O. Willenborg.  Inhibition of the development of EAE by in vivo depletion of polymorphonuclear leukocytes. J. Immunol., 161:6421-6426, 1998.
  • Philippe Tessier, Paul H. Naccache, Kerrilyn R. Diener, Ronald P. Gladue, Kuldeep S. Neote, Ian Clark-Lewis and Shaun R. McColl. Involvement of chemokines, tumour necrosis factor a and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) in superantigen-mediated leukocyte recruitment in vivo.  J. Immunol., 161:1204-1211, 1998.
  • Nicholas J. Coates and Shaun R. McColl. Production of chemokines in vivo in response to microbial stimulation.  J. Immunol., 166:5176-82, 2001.
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  • Adrian Liston and Shaun R. McColl.  Subversion of the chemokine world by microbial pathogens.  Bioessays, 25: 478-88, 2003.
  • McColl SR, Mahalingam S, Staykova M, Tylaska LA, Fisher KE, Strick CA, Gladue RP, Neote KS, Willenborg DO. Expression of rat I-TAC/CXCL11/SCYA11 during central nervous system inflammation: comparison with other CXCR3 ligands. Lab Invest. 84:1418-29, 2004.
  • Katherine R. Pilkington, Ian Clark-Lewis and Shaun R. McColl. Inhibition of cytotoxic T lymphocyte generation in vivo by a CCL19/MIP-3b antagonist. J. Biol Chem., 279:40276-40282, 2004.
  • Erik Procko and Shaun R. McColl.  Leukocytes on the move with PI 3kinase.  Bioessays, 27:153-163, 2005.
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  • Jane D. Holland, Marina Kochetkova, Chareeporn Akekawatchai, Mara Dottore, Angel F. Lopez and Shaun R. McColl.  Differential functional activation of chemokine receptor CXCR4 is mediated by G-proteins in breast cancer cells. Cancer Res. 66:4117-24, 2006.
  • Jürgen Bernhagen, Regina Krohn, Hongqi Lue, Julia L. Gregory, Alma Zernecke, Rory R. Koenen, Manfred Dewor, Ivan Georgiev, Andreas Schober, Lin Leng, Teake Kooistra, Günter Fingerle-Rowson, Pietro Ghezzi, Robert Kleemann, Shaun R. McColl, Richard Bucala, Michael J. Hickey, Christian Weber. MIF is a non-cognate ligand of CXC chemokine receptors in inflammatory and atherogenic cell recruitment.  Nat Med., 13:587-596, 2007
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  • Michelle Melino, Charles Hii, Shaun R. McColl and Antonio Ferrante.  The effect of the JNK inhibitor, JIP peptide, on human T lymphocyte proliferation and cytokine production. J. Immunol. 181:7300-7306, 2008.
  • Adrian Liston, Rachek E. Kohler, Scott L. Townley, Sarah Haylock-Jacobs, Iain Comerford, Adriana C. Caon, Julie Webster, Jodie M. Harrison, Jeremy B. Swann, Ian Clark-Lewis, Heinrich Korner and Shaun R. McColl.  Inhibition of CCR6 function reduces the severity of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis via effects on the priming phase of the immune response.  J Immunol. 182:3121-3130, 2009.
  • Marina Kochetkova, Sharad Kumar and Shaun R. McColl. Chemokine receptors CXCR4 and CCR7 promote metastasis by preventing anoikis in cancer cells. Cell Death Differ. 16:664-673, 2009.
  • Mark R. Condina, Mark A. Guthridge, Shaun R. McColl and Peter Hoffmann. A sensitive magnetic bead method for the detection and identification of tyrosine phosphorylation in proteins by MALDI-TOF/TOF MS. Proteomics 9: 3047-3057, 2009.
  • Mark R. Condina, Johan O. Gustafsson, Manuela Klingler-Hoffmann, Christopher J. Bagley, Shaun R. McColl and Peter Hoffmann.  EZYprep LC-coupled MALDI-TOF/TOF MS: An improved matrix spray application for phosphopeptide characterization.  Proteomics, 10:2516-2530, 2010.
  • Iain Comerford, Robert J. Nibbs, Wendel Litchfield, Mark Bunting, Yuka harata-Lee, Sarah Haylock-Jacobs, Steve Forrow, Heinrich Korner and Shaun R. McColl. The atypical chemokine receptor CCX-CKR scavenges homeostatic chemokines in circulation and tissues and suppresses TH17 responses.  Blood, 116:4130-4140, 2010.
  • Johan O. Gustafsson, Martin K. Oehler, Shaun R. McColl and Peter Hoffmann. Citric acid antigen-retrieval (CAAR) for tryptic peptide imaging directly on archived formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue. J Proteome Res, 3:4315-4328, 2010.
  • Iain Comerford, Mark D. Bunting, Kevin Fenix, Sarah Haylock-Jacobs, Wendel Litchfield, Yuka Harata-Lee, Michelle Turvey, Julie A. Brazzatti, Carly E. Gregor, Philip Nguyen, Ervin E. Kara and Shaun R. McColl. An immune paradox: how can the same chemokine axis regulate both immune tolerance and activation?: CCR6/CCL20: a chemokine axis balancing immunological tolerance and inflammation in autoimmune disease. Bioessays, 32:1067-1076, 2010.
  • Mark D. Bunting, Iain Comerford and Shaun R. McColl. Finding their niche: chemokines directing cell migration in the thymus.  Immunol Cell Biol, 89:185-196, 2011.
  • Sarah Haylock-Jacobs, Iain Comerford, Mark D. Bunting, Ervin E. Kara, Scott L. Townley, Manuela Klingler-Hoffmann, Bart Vanhaesebroeck, Kamal D. Puri and Shaun R. McColl. PI3Kδ drives the pathogenesis of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by inhibiting effector T cell apoptosis and promoting Th17 differentiation. J Autoimmunity, 36:278-287, 2011.
  • Julie A. Brazzatti, Manuela Klingler-Hoffmann, Sarah Haylock-Jacobs, Yuka Harata-Lee, Meizhi Niu, Matthew D. Higgins, Marina Kochetkova, Peter Hoffmann and Shaun R. McColl. Differential roles for the p101 and p84 regulatory subunits of PI3Kg in tumor growth and metastasis. Oncogene, 31:2350-2361, 2012.
  • Mark D. Bunting, Iain Comerford, Natalie Seach, Maree V. Hammett, Darren L. Asquith, Heinrich Korner, Richard L. Boyd, Robert J. Nibbs, and Shaun R. McColl. CCX-CKR deficiency alters thymic stroma impairing thymocyte development and promoting autoimmunity. Blood 121:118-128, 2013.
  • Iain Comerford, Yuka Harata-Lee, Mark D. Bunting, Carly E. Gregor, Ervin E. Kara, and Shaun R. McColl. A myriad of functions and complex regulation of the CCR7/CCL19/CCL21 chemokine axis in the adaptive immune system. Cytokine Growth Factor Rev., 24:269-283, 2013.
  • Ervin E. Kara, Iain Comerford, Cameron R. Bastow, Kevin A. Fenix, Wendel Litchfield, Tracey M. Handel, and Shaun R. McColl.  Distinct chemokine receptor axes regulate T helper 9 cell trafficking to allergic and autoimmune inflammatory sites. J Immunol., 191:1110-1117, 2013.
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