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Lab Publications

Below are some selected publications from the Lab.

CBFA2T3-ZNF652 corepressor complex regulates transcription of the E-box gene HEB. Identification and specificity studies of small-molecule ligands for SH3 protein domains. An Investigation of the Ligand Binding Properties and Negative Cooperativity of Soluble Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptors*
Kumar J Med Chem Surinya
Microbial biotin protein ligases aid in understanding holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency. Escherichia coli biotin protein ligase: characterization and development of a high-throughput assay. Structural determinants for high-affinity binding of insulin-like growth factor II to insulin receptor (IR)-A, the exon 11 minus isoform of the IR.
Pendini Ng Denley
Synthesis of N-benzylated-2-aminoquinolines as ligands for the Tec SH3 domain. In silico screening and biological evaluation of inhibitors of Src-SH3 domain interaction with a proline-rich ligand. Conserved Glu40 and Glu433 of the biotin carboxylase domain of yeast pyruvate carboxylase I isoenzyme are essential for the association of tetramers.
INglis Noor Yui



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