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Applied Ecology and Conservation

The Applied Ecology and Conservation group is led by Professor Lian Pin Koh. Research within the Koh Lab focuses on developing the Science and Science-based decision support tools to help reconcile society's growing consumptive needs with environmental protection.

We address this challenge through field studies and experiments, computer simulations and modelling, as well as by co-opting emerging technologies for use in environmental research and applications.

Geographically our research is focused on the developing tropics where population growth is most rapid, the people are poorest, and biodiversity is richest and yet most threatened globally.

Members of the Koh Lab are also affiliated with the Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility (URAF), and the Centre for Applied Conservation Science.

For available Honours and PhD projects please contact Prof Lian Pin Koh.

Applied ecology:

  • Improving measures of biological diversity for conservation

Conservation biology:

  • Conservation ecology of orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo
  • Understanding the rapid dieback of Kauri trees in New Caledonia
  • Strategic analysis of conservation priorities in the Asia Pacific

Conservation technologies:

  • Developing the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems for safe and effective wildlife monitoring and conservation
  • Promises and pitfalls of technology use in citizen science for conservation

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