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Award Recipients

  • Past RCDN Achievement Awards
    2013 Miranda Ween & Iain Comerford
    2012 David Ogunniyi & Morgan Newman
    2011 Chris McDevitt & Mathieu Rosseua-Gueutin
    2010 Michael Beard & Nick Eyre
    2009 Briony Forbes
    2008 Frank Grutzner
    2007 Paul Thomas & Steve Polyak
  • Past Travel Award Recipients
    Year Awardee Conference/Location
    2012 Martin Lewis MicroRNAs Europe Meeting - Cambridge, UK
    Briony Forbes
    Iain Comerford
    Richard Harvey
    Karla Helbig
    Nick Eyre
    Louise O'Keefe
    2011 Mathieu Rousseau-Gueutin Plant and animal genome XX - San Diego, USA
    David Ogunniyi 8th International symposium on the Pneumococci and Pneumococcal disease - Iguaca Falls, Brazil
    Stephen Gregory
    Sandra Pilze
    Erin McCartney
    Lauren McAllister
    Miranda Ween Multidrug Efflux Systems (GRC) - Les Diablerets, Switzerland
    Richard Harvey EuroPneumo - Amsterdam
    Adam Potter EuroPneumo - Amsterdam
    2010 Peter McCarthy Insulin-like Growth Factors in physiology and disease - Ventura, USA
    Alistair Standish Evolving approaches to early-stages drug discovery - Snowbird, USA
    Iain Comerford Chemotactic cytokines - Lucca, Italy
    Chris McDevitt FEBS special meeting on ABC proteins - Innsbruck, Austria
    Louise O'Keefe 51st Annual Drosophila research conference - Washington, USA
    2009 Gabrielle Todd 36th International congress of physiological sciences - Kyoto, Japan
    Claudia Trappetti 9th European meeting on the molecular biology of Pneumococcus - Bern
    Bryan Haines International society for developmental biology - Edinburgh, UK
    Linlin Ma Ion channels in technology & drug discovery - Harbin, China
    Martin Lewis Neuroscience - Chicago, USA
    Marina Kochetkova Phosphorylation & G-protein mediated signalling network (GRC) - Biddeford, USA
    Scott Willoughby American college of cardiology - Orlando, USA
    2008 Stephen Polyak International drug discovery science and technology - Beijin, China
    Megan Penno HUPO 7th world congress - Amsterdam/8th Siena Meeting - Siena
    Manuela Klngler-Hoffman Growth factors & signalling (GRC) - Oxford, UK
    Tasman Daish EMBO genomic imprinting - Singapore
    Ben Tucker FRAXA Research Foundation investigators meeting - Durham, USA
    Michael Beard Hepatic inflammation and immunity - Galveston, USA
    Stephen Gregory 49th Annual drosophila research conference - San Diego, USA
    Lorraine Mackenzie 6th Winter cardiac symposium - Vellore, India
    Judy Morona Microbial polysaccharides of medical/agricatural and industrial importance, industrial applications - Carefree, Arizona
    2007 Brett Johnson International stem cell society conference - Cairns, Australia
    Andrew Lavender European college of sports science - Jjvaskyla, Finland
    Martin Lewis 5th European Zebrafish genetis & development meeting - Amsterdam
    Michelle McDonnell IBRO neurscience motor control satellite meeting - Darwin, Australia
    David Ogunniyi EuroPneumo - Lisbon, Portugal
    Uwe Stroeher EuroPneumo - Lisbon, Portugal
    Edwina Sutton 1st Pan American congress in developmental biology - Cancun, USA
    Scott Willoughby Heart rhythm - Denver, USA
    Briony Forbes Insulin-like Growth Factors in physiology & disease - San Diego, USA
    2006 Norihisa Shindo

    20th IUBMB International Congress of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/11th FAOBMB Congress

    Fernando Felquer 46th Meeting of the AMerican Society for Cell Biology - San Diego, USA
    Louise O'Keefe Drosophila as a model for human disease - Barcelona, Spain
    Olivier Fahy Annual meeting of the Australasian society for Immunology - Auckland, NZ
    Kenneth Lang 4th International society for stem cell research - Toronto, Canada
    Anne Chapman-Smith Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of senesor enzymes & proteins - Sendai, Japan
    Jane Sibbons Axon guidance, synaptogenesis & neural plasticity - Cold Spring Harbor
    Rebecca Bilton 10th International workshop on tumour microenvironment - Boston, USA
    Marina Kchetkova 6th ESH-UHT MD Anderson Cancer Centre interdisciplinary Euroconference on mechanisms of cell death and disease
    2005 Janna Morrison

    Society for Gynaecologic Investigation Conference, LA, USA/International Unionion of Physiological pcieties Meeting - San Diego, USA

    Tetyana Shandala 6th International Symposium Development, Differentiation & Disease - Sydney, Australia
    Briony Forbes The role of the IGF system in cancer - Taormina, Italy
    Kemal Turker Annual Turkish Physiological Society Meeting - Gaziantep, Turkey
    Karla Helbig 12th International symposium on Hepatitis C virus & related viruses - Montreal, Canada
    Michael Beard Hepatits C virus Infection conference - Chicago, USA
    Catherine Coulter Annual Scientific Conference of the Endocrine society - Chicago, USA
    Lorraine Mackenzie IUPS - San Diego, USA
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