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Poster Assessment

  1. Visual Effect
    • is there a good mix of pictures and text? Too busy?
    • pleasing to the eye? Clearly laid out?
    • are diagrams well labelled?
  1. Does the poster communicate the project well?
    • are the background, aims, findings and discussion concisely, and logically presented?
    • do the diagrams aid the text in the communication? Are they well explained?
    • quality of data? good controls? Stats?
    • are the data/findings presented appropriately? ie graphically, pics, summary schematic?
  1. Scientific Interpretation
    • awareness of limitations of projects?
    • interpreted and explained with accuracy?
    • knowledge of their field? And significance of work ( in context of others)?
    • future directions/plans?
  1. Presentation:
    • did the author answer your (or others ) questions in an informed manner?
    • clear and concise?
    • did they understand what their project and poster were about?

Authors are required to attend their poster for most of designated poster session.

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