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Mass Spectrometry

The APC is equipped with an Orbitrap LTQ XL ETD (Thermo Fisher Scientific), amaZon ETD (Bruker Daltonics), ultrafleXtreme and ultraflex III MALDI-TOFs (Bruker Daltonics).

We offer the following mass spectrometry based analytical workflows as standard services. Our team of experts also offers custom analyses, high throughput screening and QC services on arrangement. Contact the team to enquire.

Protein Identification by MS/MS The masses of peptides produced by proteolysis of proteins are measured with high accuracy, selected peptides are fragmented and the resulting data are matched against sequence databases to determine the protein's identity.

Orbitrap LCMS

MALDI Imaging The Adelaide Proteomics Centre is the national NCRIS facility for MALDI IMS and the leading group in Australia using this technology. The Centre is equipped with the latest mass spectrometry instrumentation and has close collaborations with Bruker Daltonics (Mass Spectrometry instrument vendor) to push the boundaries of this technology.

MALDI tissue image

Biomolecule Mass Measurement The mass of proteins/peptides, oligosaccharides, lipids or nucleic acids can be determined with high accuracy. Extent of modification (proteolytic, post-translational or chemical) can be determined. Mass profiles of biological fluids can be made.

Anchorchip sample plate

LTQ Orbitrap MS Small Molecule / Peptide Mass Measurement Compound masses can be measured with high resolution and high mass accuracy. Accurate mass measurement allows for elucidation of elemental composition. CID and ETD fragmentation modes are possible.

LTQ Orbitrap
Adelaide Proteomics Centre

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Molecular Life Science Building
The University of Adelaide
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