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Honours in Ecology & Environmental Science

To find a research area that might interest you look at the table below.

For further information please contact the supervisors for each project.

Contact Person Research Interests and Project details

A/Prof Justin Brookes

River Murray, Aquatic ecology; aquatic food webs, algal blooms

A/Prof Phil Cassey

Invasion biogeography & quantitative ecology

Prof Sean Connell

Marine ecology

Prof Steve Cooper

Phylogeography; speciation; molecular ecology

A/Prof Jose Facelli

Terrestrial plant ecology

Prof Bronwyn Gillanders

Aquatic ecology, especially estuaries, fish biology; otolith microchemistry

Dr John Jennings

Insect evolution and systematics

Prof Megan Lewis

Environmental remote sensing: vegetation, soils, water, geoscience

Prof Wayne Meyer

Water, soils, plants and atmosphere – building descriptions to identify the balance for use and conservation

Prof Ivan Nagelkerken

Fish ecology, Climate Change, Estuaries and Coast

A/Prof Bertram Ostendorf

Spatial information, remote sensing and GIS

A/Prof David Paton

Ecology and behaviour of birds, plant-animal interactions; fire; restoration

A/Prof Fred Recknagel

Ecosystem modelling; freshwater ecology

A/Prof Rob Reid

Plant nutrition and ecotoxicology

Prof Roger Seymour

Ecophysiology of animals and plants

A/Prof Mark Stevens

Systematics, phylogenetics, and phylogeography of Australasian and Antarctic biota

Dr David Taggart

Marsupial life history, reproductive ecology, population biology, disease and conservation biology

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