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Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Genetics

Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Genetics

Most of the Centre's work has applications in agricultural livestock, but also yields insight into mammalian genome evolution.

In addition, there has been a database develped of public domain bovine Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) and have coupled this to an easily navigated web interface that allows researchers to compare QTL locations for varied QTL within the bovine genome. We have recently linked this to a genome browser (Gbrowse) in order to allow researchers to be able to transition directly from QTL data to SNP locations, gene locations and annotations.

Research in the Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Genetics has two foci:

  • Creating new software tools for biologists to analyse genomic data
  • Analysing genome data using computational methods

The first aim is currently served by improving our bovine Quantitative Trait Locus database, and implementing a Java based object oriented framework for genomic data.

The second aim currently involves analysing the bovine, equine, elephant, armadillo and sheep genome sequence assemblies for repeated sequence elements using a de novo repeat identification tool developed by and in collaboration with Bob Edgar that has only been used for dipteran repeat analysis to date.

Honours projects

Honours projects in either area, or related to these areas are available in the lab. It would be helpful (but not required) if students already had some familiarity with either Unix/Linux or Perl or Java. All that is really required is curiosity and an interest in Bioinformatics.

Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Genetics

Room 2.10, The Braggs Building
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Prof. David Adelson
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